Re:Imagine – Kanye West

We caught wind of this event a few months back, but much to our upset, all the original dates clashed with other commitments (the worst!). However, one fateful day back in August, we got a tip off that extra dates had been added and, without hesitation, we were going to see Re:Imagine – Kanye. Set up by events company Re:Imagine at London’s XOYO, this stunning orchestral recreation of Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album was up there with the best events we’ve ever been to. Strings *tick*…live music *tick*…getting the opportunity to see one of our top three favourite albums of all time live (even if it wasn’t by the GOAT himself, Ye) *TICK*!!

True to the album they opened with Dark Fantasy and immediately had the place singing along.

Aside from the music, things didn’t start out too well for us. We were super unfortunate with our placement and found ourselves stuck on the outskirts of the crowd, where the sound was poor and the audience engagement even worse. However, an unpredicted intermission saved us and we quickly made our way into the middle as the crowd dispersed for a beer and smoke break. The band came back on with bangers such as Hell of a Life and our personal favourite Runaway, before finishing with absolute classic Jesus Walks.

What made this event so buzzy, was that everyone there knew it could very possibly be the closest any of us will get to seeing Kanye live, let alone this album live! Everything roleld into one, made for the sickest atmosphere.

Re-live the album here, it’s still amazing!


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