Women in Hip Hop

In a time where feminism is very real and genuine protests for equal rights are everywhere, it’s very inspiring to hear & see women shine through in a male dominant world. The world of Hip Hop. Now, Music Mattrs aren’t political and we try not to take sides, so please don’t read this as a biased article, merely a straight up acknowledgment where it’s due.

There’s no denying the likes of Drake, Kendrick & Future have dominated the Hip Hop world, rapping about getting girls and answering their money phones, but now it’s time for a slightly different vibe. Nicki Minaj has been a key role in the diversity of Hip Hop ever since her emergence onto the scene in 2009, but she’s pretty much been doing it solo, until now.

Camila Cabello & Bebe Rexha are making crazy moves within the Hip Hop scene, bringing legit beats to contest the previously named artists, even if they are a little more poppy than the above. Whilst Camila has only released a handful of singles and features, Bebe has recently dropped her second EP All Your Fault: Pt 2 and it’s absolutely class. We’d recommend Comfortable or That’s It, they’re sick! And for Camila Havana or OMG.

The main reason we love these two isn’t because they’re women in music, but because they’re successfully breaking away from the aggressive flow & lyrical cusses of Nicki & Remy Ma, it’s just an imitation of male Hip Hop and quite frankly boring!

Give these girls a listen and let us know what you think! Love.

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