Album Launch – The Cribs

In what felt like the true blogger lifestyle, we recently got invited to attend the album launch of The Cribs “24/7 Rockstar Sh*t” at The House of Vans London. Our good friends over at Talk Casuals (one of most relevant street fashion blogs around at the moment) and Canoe Inc. hooked us up and we are eternally grateful. Ok, so we’ll admit it, we haven’t been too hot on The Cribs recent releases or success, however, we were huge fans back in the indie revolution of 2007/8, carefree rocking out to sounds like “Men’s Needs” and “Hey Scenesters“.

It was our first time in The House of Vans, but believe us when we say, it won’t be our last! The skate park, come diner, come intimate gig venue is absolutely class. The only downside we can think of is that due to the venue being inside the arches by Waterloo train station, it’s long and narrow, meaning that if you’re at the back you’ll probably be further back than you might be in a wider venue with the same capacity. But maybe that’s just us trying to construct a balanced argument?

The atmosphere was electric from the outside queue to the buzzing finale, everyone was there for one reason, to have a f*cking good time! After work weekend celebrations, what other excuse does one need?

If you’re a gig goer and haven’t yet checked out House of Vans, make sure you follow their socials to keep up to date with what’s going on or maybe strap on the old elbow pads, grab a board/BMX and cruise on down there.

Album thoughts: It’s not really our thing, but we must say, it’s better than expected. If you’re into your British indie rock, for sure check it out below!

Venue schedule: The only scheduled event that we can see, is Laurel & Rews on August 15th. If you’re a fan or just want to check out this awesome venue, have a look here!

All feedback on these posts is much appreciated, any thoughts you guys have, please let us know and be honest, we aren’t too sensitive!

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