Gig Review – Tash Sultana

Hello, hello, hello! It’s good to see you again, we’ve been crazy busy and haven’t been our usual active selves, but we’re working on it!

A few weeks ago we had the golden opportunity, one we’ve been waiting for, for years. (Legit years!) Tash Sultana came to London. Quickly selling out King’s Cross’ Scala, Sultana played one of the most electrifying 90 min sets eveerrrrr!! Supported by Craig Gallagher, who is also a Music Mattrs favourite, the crowd were pumped from the off, singing out every word to 6/7 Bob Marley classics in between sets, the stage was set (literally) for Tash’s alternative, reggae, rock kind of sound.

Tash came on and there was no messing around, straight in starting as she meant to go on, layering up some insane guitar and drum machine lines before laying down her textbook vocal effect.

Tash knocked out all our favourites, Murder to the Mind, Notion and finishing on Jungle, all three of which were better live, the girl is just too sick!! However, there were a few new ones thrown in there, one of which she wrote for her late grandfather and it was absolutely stunning. We’re just gutted we didn’t catch the name of it.

All in all, Tash absolutely killed it.

Our first and favourite One to Watch did not disappoint, see her if you can! Check out tickets to this years Bestival where she’ll be doing the same thing to thousands of people, and our bet is that she’ll be just as sick!

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