Calvin Harris – Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1

Another huge June album drop is here, Calvin Harris has released Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1. Calvin, similarly to DJ Khaled but nowhere near on the same scale, masterfully used Snapchat social media to leak some exclusive tracks…that and the fact we could hear the angelic vocals of Frank Ocean and naturally HAD to find out what this secret music was!

If this record was your first experience of Calvin, you’d have no idea his usual sound was that of an EDM/dance DJ, dropping smash hits for fun, like This Is What We Came For and How Deep is Your Love, not to mention the old days of Acceptable in The 80s!! Calvin comes in with one of the most refreshing modern funk sounds, single-handedly determining the direction of 2017 summer sound.

Previewed tracks Slide, Feels, Heatstroke and Rollin had everyone mad buzzed in the build up to this album drop, but also much like Khaled, we’re a little disappointed.

Outside of these four bangers the album doesn’t really go anywhere, it sounds to us like a collection of ideas around the same sound, with no real difference between a lot of them. The feature list is phenomenal but didn’t quite live up to its potential, such a shame. However, Slide could well be the best song we’ll hear all year!!

If we heard this album fresh as a whole, we’d probably be buzzing off 5/10 tracks, which is a decent amount for a lot of recent albums, but we find it difficult to rate this record too high after we already knew the bangers well.

How do you guys feel about Calvin’s new sound and Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1?

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Rating: 6.5/10, the big ones are insane, but the rest of the album disappointed.

Favourite tune: Slide, no doubt!

Artwork: It’s ok, the pink glow is pretty summery and warm, but nothing outstanding

6 thoughts on “Calvin Harris – Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1

  1. 6.5 weighs more on the generous side, it’s a good album but what happened to the old school Calvin who could drop a tune without 3 / 4 big names on one track?! Few little listeners none the less.


    1. The albums saving grace for us, is Slide! It’s a massive tune and as we associate Slide with this record we found it hard to scrutinise it too much, but without Sldie & maybe Heatstroke, it’s way down. How would you rate it?


      1. To be fair my score would be marginally different so maybe I’m being too harsh? I don’t disagree with your evaluation. Feelin’ your vibe.


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