Music Mattrs Monthly Playlist: June ’17

Here it is, our latest monthly playlist! Wow, that came around fast, it felt like just a month ago we were posting our May ’17 playlsit…lol!

June was a crazy month for new music, with the likes of Calvin Harris, DJ Khaled and Lorde, to name a few, dropping new albums and the world famous Glastonbury festival taking place, offering an unparalleled opportunity to discover new talent.

Josh Barry kicks things off on this month’s playlist with his first single “When I’m Grown” with our hot prospect Nambyar also making an appearance. We’re so excited about this one as it’s our longest yet at 23 tracks and has so many bangers!

Josh makes a second appearance on Fabich – Hold On, which is our summer anthem for 2017, no doubt! We’re also so happy to see our friends The Night Café make another appearance with “Felicity“.

Follow us, download it offline and most of all enjoy it!

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