Dj Khaled – Grateful


So DJ Khaled finally dropped GRATEFUL, after what seemed like a lifetime of Snapchat stories and Instagram posts and we’ve got to say, it didn’t deliver. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that we’re not ones to shoot down any artists work, there’s too much time, effort and love in everything they do. However, we will always be honest in our critique.

DJ Khaled gets a lot of heat for his minimal vocal contribution in his music, but he always manages to get the hottest artists in the world to do that job for him. Which is why he’s been so successful and had us excited for months before the release of GRATEFUL.

The album starts with quite an exciting intro with a strong vocal from Sizzla, followed quickly by three of the four previewed singles, I’m The One, Shining Wild Thoughts which show a great deal of diversity and each has their own selling points. However, after these four tracks, the album becomes one boring sound with the occasional mix-up, but they just don’t offer enough to keep us entertained. Not to mention the fact it’s 22 tracks!!!

With features from Music Mattrs favourites such as Chance the Rapper, Future, PARTYNEXTDOOR and Calvin Harris, we really expected something great, but unfortunately, their contributions could easily get missed or drowned out by Khaled’s continuous random shout outs about how much he loves his son & executive producer, Asahd Khaled.

Unfortunately, we’re pretty disappointed by this album, there was so much hype, the feature list was outstanding and the previewed singles were fire, but the final product just didn’t deliver. We’re going out on a limb here and suggesting that the record sales and hype are testaments to Khaled’s promotion tactics because we really can’t see many people rating this album for too long.

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Rating: 4/10, there were a couple of decent tracks on here, but too many fillers that just didn’t go anywhere. This wasn’t helped by the fact we were so eagerly anticipating this record.

Artwork: Pretty jokes, even if it does make you feel a little uncomfortable after a while.

Favourite track: Wild Thoughts, that Santana sample + Rihanna’s voice is right on so many levels.

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