Another One!

We’re sure by now you all know about DJ Khaled’s Snapchat presence and the whole “Major Key” & “Another One” hype and more recently “Yo…HAVE THE DRAKE VOCALS COME IN YEEETTTT?” and “Fan luv, GRATEFUL soon come!” Whilst this might sound like gibberish to most, to anyone who follows Khaled on his various social media platforms, you’ll know that his marketing techniques are insanely effective and innovative, almost to the point of becoming a walking meme.

Well, the previously mentioned GRATEFUL, is actually the title of his upcoming album and the promotion campaign is fully underway, with a proposed drop date of June 23rd. Khaled has already released three singles from GRATEFUL and all three are sounding fire. Shining ft. Beyoncé & Jay-Z, To the Max ft. Drake and I’m the One ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil Wayne. As well as these features Bryson Tiller, Nas, Travis Scott and Rihanna are set to make an appearance, that list is insaaaane and we’re sure there’ll be a few more surprises in there.

DJ Khaled gets a lot of heat for his lack of personal contribution to his releases, however, you cannot deny that his self-promotion techniques are on point, he knocks out some bangers and drawing in feature lists like he does, is nothing if not impressive. So DJ Khaled definitely gets our kudos.

Here’re a fun fact for you, DJ Khaled’s 7-month-old son, Asahd Khaled, is the executive producer of GRATEFUL…lol!

If you’re a Khaled fan keep your eyes and ears open on 23rd June, to grab yourself a copy of GRATEFUL, we know we will!

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