Deebs Day

So it’s nearly that time of year again, the trackies are going away and the glitter is coming out. Festival season is upon us! In the UK we’re spoiled with festivals, with a new one popping up every summer and we love nothing more than to see UK indie festivals prosper in a saturated market.

Deebs Day has humble beginnings, starting with just curator Darren Brady and a few friends in a relatively laid-back get-together. Fast forward 10 years, countless man hours and almost unimaginable growth, Deebs Day is now set to break all previous attendance records!

In an exclusive interview with Music Mattrs, Deebs himself shed some light on the birthplace and mindset of the family run, Hertfordshire based festival.

Like a lot of good plans, Deebs Day started with a group of friends in the pub, about 10 years ago. Glastonbury was on TV and a table of envious young adults decided to bring some fun festive vibes to our farm barn. The following weekend around 50 friends gathered and danced long into the night. The DJ for the night, Charlie Grumbridge, is actually still spinning some of our tunes at this year’s festival.”

This tradition continued twice more over a few years and with gradual noticeable success, the Deebs Day committee, particularly the Brady brothers Darren, Kevin & Mikey, put their heads together and worked on a marketing and promotion campaign for the music & good times festival’s first big event, this time with a year’s planning rather than a week. The Brady brothers gave the crew a massive shout out, saying “none of this would be possible without the Deebs Day ambassadors. We’re eternally grateful for everything they do.”

With the drastic increase in interest, Darren and his brothers saw an amazing opportunity to “raise money for the Hospice of St Francis”, an organisation that sits very close to their hearts. This ideal continues to this day and all money raised goes to the hospice. Good on ya lads!!

According to the Deebs Day Instagram, they’re an “independent music festival and all-round legendary party” and this couldn’t be truer. With some sweet, soulful vibes playing out under the summer sun, cold drinks in hand, surrounded by an intimate, loving crowd, it’s impossible not to have a smile on your face. If you’re looking for good times, Deebs Day is the place for you.

In keeping with the indie culture, the festival attracts a number of super talented indie artists and this year is no different. We’ve got our eyes on two artists in particular, our good friends, Josh Barry and BURNZ!! We cannot wait to see these lads and their respective bands vibe out at Deebs Day, they’ve played a number of times before and we feel it truly brings the best out of them. There’ll be 4 music stations in total hosting a mix of house, acoustic, indie, soul and funk vibes, including a tipi dropping all the old school bangers…if you’re looking for us, we’ll be in the tipi.

As well as the live music playing throughout the day, you can expect two fully active bars, one with cocktails and the other draught beer & cider, the token burger van, some Caribbean & Indian food (hopefully not mixed together), a vegan stand and for those with a sweet tooth, maybe even an ice cream van.

For Music Mattrs, Darren said “the goal is to keep adding something different each year. We’re blessed in the UK with a choice of great summer music festivals. We’re inspiring to one day be competing with the more established festivals here. It will be fun trying to anyway.

This year’s festival is booked in for July 29th, and we’ve already got our tickets. We cannot urge you enough to purchase a ticket quickly, THEY WILL SELL OUT!!!

Good music, good people, good vibes.

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You can purchase tickets here:

For more info check out their Insta and Facebook pages (<< click the hyperlinks)

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