Music Mattrs Monthly Playlist: May ’17

It’s here again…it’s our time of the month…yeah you guessed it, we’re back again with another playlist for you and this is definitely our favourite so far. We’ve created a seamless blend of genres and new artists that compliment each other like we couldn’t have imagined.

For the first time ever, no artist appears more than once and we’re certain that there are a few artists in there you won’t have heard of but will LOVE!

Ryan McMullan is a new Music Mattrs favourite, our most recent Hear Here artist, Saudin makes a feature and one of the biggest surprises for us is XXXTentacion, not because he doesn’t deserve it, but because Revenge is not the sound you’d expect from him at all…but we’ve had it on repeat for weeks!!

Follow us, download it offline and most of all enjoy it!

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