Hear Here: Saudin

We’re back with another Hear Here article and this is one of our favourites so far, you’ll buzz off this guy. A. J. Saudin the 25-year-old actor from Ontario, Canada, best known for his role in Degrassi: Next Generation, has decided to try his hand at music and we’re so grateful.

Bringing smooth R’n’B/Hip Hop beats with a gentle atmospheric voice over the top, we can’t help but compare this guy to The Weeknd, who knows, maybe it’s an Ontario thing? Having recently dropped his debut record Before I Met You, Saudin is staking his claim on 2017 music scene and it’s fully deserved. Time For Me and The Road are our two favourite tracks and both absolutely bang!

You’d be a fool to not give this kid a listen, he’ll be featuring on our next monthly playlist, so if you’re one of our cherished followers, you’ll know how good this guy will be. Let us know what you think, like, comment, share. MM Facebook MM Insta MM Twitter

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