Gig review: Jessie Reyez

Music Mattrs had the pleasure of catching an extremely intimate Jessie Reyez gig last night at the Ace Hotel, Shoreditch, London. Our 2nd “One to Watch absolutely killed it!!

In a dark basement, with only a small stage, a bar and 40ish people, Jessie opened the evening with a big thank you and introduction to her short film “The Gatekeepers”, a true story about an unnamed, big time rapper who suggested that if she wanted to make a career in the industry, she would “have to give it up” and sleep with him. Jessie refused, but very honestly admitted that she very nearly crumbled, as she wanted it THAT bad! It was a very intense experience, but it made the whole evening even more memorable and almost brought everyone together in support for Jessie. Watch it here:


Once the film had finished Jessie played an extremely varied set of 6/7 tracks, switching from her hard trap beats to quiet, acoustic vibes, before finishing on an upbeat floor-filler. The cheers were deafening!

Keep your eyes on small, independent venues as Jessie and others similar artists could well be stopping by, do not miss out!

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Photo cred: Music Mattrs

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