Logic – Everybody

Logic, born Sir Robert Bryson Hall (don’t let the Sir fool you), released his 3rd studio album this week, titled Everybody. Our immediate thoughts and feelings after listening to this once through is the story of prejudice it tells and how much control he has over his flow, he is fully on Busta Rhymes circa “Look At Me Now” levels, which is notorious for being almost impossible to keep up with.

The key message in this record is one of racism. Whilst Logic has very fair skin and looks white, he is actually mixed race, born to a White mother and Black father, and suffered a very tough upbringing. Growing up in Maryland, in the projects, getting called “n*gger” in one ear and “c*acker” in the other, surrounded by drug dealers and addicts, it’s no surprise that he has endless words and a wealth of stories, which is why this album is so striking, with lines like “In my blood is the slave and the master!”

Despite this, Logic comes across as the most down to earth, loving guy, who wants to see unity in the world and everybody come together, “I love being unique, but I hate division! I love the things that make us different, but not things that separate us.”

The voiceover you hear in the few interludes is a conversation between ‘Adam’ and God, bringing a modern spin on the ancient philosophy of God creating mankind. Suggesting that we’ve grown out of touch with the “be kind to one another” and “do unto others as you’d have done to you” ethos. Religion is always a touchy subject, but his honest and true perspective must be respected.

He evidently feels very strong about discrimination and continually questions why do we focus on the colour of a murderers skin, rather than the individual themselves? Why can’t spiderman be black? Why are those in power all white? Why does ethnicity, creed, sexual orientation matter? Everybody love everybody!

The album was originally going to be called AfricAryaN, after his mixed race background, but decided to only name one track that and title it, Everybody, as it’s not just about him. AfricAryaN is a play on Africa and Aryan, Aryan as in Hitler’s Aryan race, the white skin, blonde hair, blue eyed population that he strove to create, the polar opposite to African natives.

It’s very easy to turn to politics in today’s day and age, much like Joey Bada$$, but Logic only really touches on it lightly, saying “George Bush doesn’t care about black people, 2017 and Trump is the sequel!” This is probably as political as it gets for Logic, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t talking to the US government when ranting about oppression.

All in all, this is an album for the ages, it has catchy beats, hooky choruses and above all, a deep message. We sincerely urge you to listen to this record a number of times and truly listen to the words and appreciate the passion in this record. Big love Logic.

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Rating: 8.5/10, we love this album and have so much respect for someone who raps this fast and concise, but there are definitely some better tracks than others.

Favourite tune: Everybody!

Artwork: One of the best album artworks we’ve seen, it looks great and who can you see in it? EVERYBODY!!! Bonus points: Who’s that in the green bottom left? Can you find J. Cole? (clue, you’ll need to see the whole pic to find J. Check our Instagram or read this on your phone to see the full pic)


One thought on “Logic – Everybody

  1. Everybody was a dope album and it’s not too surprising since it’s logic. If you get the chance you should check out an album called Vice City it’s a concept album by a rappet called Anonyumuz who’s from South Florida.

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