Artist Interview: Josh Barry

Today Music Mattrs had our first official artist interview and what better timing than to coincide with the prestigious Glastonbury Emerging Talent Contest and secure an exclusive interview with 2017 winner, Josh Barry.

With 5000+ applicants, the judging panel had to first create a long list of roughly 120 of the best artists, before they could then shortlist them to the final 8. Josh’s undeniable talent helped him shine through what was no doubt an overwhelming selection process. After all 8 artists had performed it was time for the judges to confer and select their winner. Michael & Emily Eavis, Glastonbury curators, said that “we were pretty unanimous, he lifted that room” in regards to crowning Josh the victor.

Just for Music Mattrs, the 24-year-old Londoner said “it felt like, for the first time, all this hard work was worth it. Even through the good times there was a sense of doubt, but this felt like a huge relief, now things are starting to click, it’s working!”

As a result of this win, Josh and his band are guaranteed to be playing one of Glastonbury’s main stages over the weekend, but they’re also in talks with a number of other stages across the Glastonbury grounds and is hoping to play as many times as possible over the weekend, including an unplugged set and maybe even some spontaneous campsite gigs (which would be insaaaaane)!!

With so much planned and booked in, Josh is spending every spare minute he has writing new music and building his brand. He says he’s planning on releasing “Spirit Road” on vinyl very soon as he feels “this is how a lot of music should be heard, but especially Spirit Road.” We were fortunate enough to hear some unreleased tracks during our time together and trust us when we say, there are big things coming from this guy. Josh aims to write genre-less music (genre-less in that it has no limitations, not that it lacks direction), in an attempt to write the most honest and true sounds he possibly can, however, he admits to drawing influence from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, James Brown and Bob Marley. Not a bad trio to look up to!

Josh has collaborated with a number of world famous dance acts, including Gorgon City, FrictionSG Lewis and APEXAPE which to us, demonstrates his diversity and raw talent.

Aside from writing and rehearsing, Josh will be touring with dance duo Gorgon City through the summer. So if you see a “Dreadlocked Funkstar” fronting for them somewhere around the world, you know who it is. He will also be making an appearance at Deebs Day on July 29th, Hertfordshire, which is set to be one of the most personal and intimate gigs we’ll ever experience. He’s definitely making movements!

Watch this space and let us know what you think, like, comment, share!

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