Hear Here: Elley Duhé

Elley Duhé is a 24-year-old from Alabama who has a very unique vocal and singing style, which for us, almost verges on rapping, very similar to Lorde (who we seem to keep bringing up? Hmm). Elley’s strong voice sits very naturally over trap beats with catchy, melodic choruses, producing a sound that has recently grabbed our attention and currently has a very firm hold over us, we literally cannot turn her off!

Unfortunately, Elley only has two tracks on her Spotify and one on her Soundcloud, so with a limited catalogue currently available to us, we will have to make do with what we’ve got. However, with recent release Immortal, and slightly older Millenium, being as impressive as they are, we’re buzzing to see what she has to bring in the future.

Watch this space and let us know what you think, like, comment, share!

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Favourite track: Immortal

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