The 22 year old New York native released his second studio album, ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ (AAB), on Friday 7th April and it’s an absolute lyrical masterpiece. If you’ve read our previous album reviews you may have noticed that our ideal album length is 12 tracks, any more than that and there are usually too many fillers, any less and it’s probably too short. AAB is dead on 12 tracks and therefore had us on board from the off.

The immediate sound of this album reminds us of J. Cole (who actually makes a feature) or old skool Lupe Fiasco, with politically driven lyrics and uncomplicated productions sitting very much behind the vocals, allowing them to cut through and take centre stage…literally! American politics is arguably the most talked about topic in the world right now and the music scene have fully got involved, with Snoop Dogg’s controversial “F*ck Donald Trump” and more recently Kendrick’s line “Donald Trump is a chump!” Joey doesn’t hold back either with “F*ck Donald Trump” and “Donald Trump is not equipped to take this country over!

LAND OF THE FREE is, in our opinion, the most lyrically expressive track on the record, focusing heavily on slavery and politics, which draws attention to the irony of the song title. “There’s three K’s, two A’s in Amerikkka” set’s the tone by suggesting the white supremacist group the KKK, are still very much at large in America both underground and in a position of power. Furthermore, “They disorganised my people and made them all loners, still got the last names of our slave owners.” For anyone who doesn’t know, when slavery was abolished a lot of slaves took the surnames of their slave owners, which was then passed down through the generations. Understandably this is an uncomfortable reality for a lot of black people to accept, which is why many changed their names, most famously Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali (formerly Cassius Clay).

We completely appreciate that not everyone hears music in the same way, some focus on the beats and others on the bars, but we urge all of you to give this album a complete listen and take in what he’s saying, there’s meaning in every word and every track tells a  deep, meaningful story.

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Favourite track: LAND OF THE FREE

Artwork: We think it perfectly encapsulates Joey’s feelings towards his country, patriotic, yet p*ssed off with it at the same time.

Rating: 8/10


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