King Kendrick is Back

Kendrick Lamar has just dropped a second track in the build up to the release of his fourth album, so we thought it appropriate to address the very complex subject that is Kendrick Lamar. The depth that this guy goes to is second to none, which is why he is generally considered as the greatest rapper of our generation.

Kendrick dropped The Heart Part IV completely out of the blue, following only an Instagram post of the numerals IV. Teasing only ‘IV’, people speculated that he was calling his album IV or that it was just his fourth album? Once again, this guy is too complex to simply tell us what he’s thinking, but what we do know is, is that if The Heart Part IV is anything to go by, he’s not holding back on this record.

It would appear that he’s firing shots at everyone, Big Sean, Drake and Donald Trump mainly. The Donald Trump shots are blatant because, well, he says “Donald Trump is a chump!” We think that one is pretty clear. The Drake beef isn’t too much of a big deal, just a few lyrical slips here and there to remind each other they haven’t forgotten about their respective digs. Big Sean, however, appears to be a legit issue, saying “I’ll big pun your punk ass, you scared lil b*tch.” Lil b*tch being Big Sean’s catchphrase. This all comes after a huge debate over Kendrick’s verse on Big Sean’s Control and some shots fired by Sean himself, but that’s a story for another time. Officer Lee Baca even got a not so special mention “Lee Baca on trial, tryna portray a boxer, beatin’ on my niggaz while the CO’s watch him!” Lee Baca is a former American county sheriff who was convicted of beating a black inmate whilst his colleagues stood by and watched. Lamar keeps it very real here and shows that the street remembers. Kendrick finished the track with “Y’all got till April 7th to get yo sh*t together.” Does that mean he’ll drop this album on April 7th?! I guess we’ll see.

A week later HUMBLE dropped, along with its deeply impressive video. HUMBLE is a lot less aggressive than IV (it would’ve been hard to top it anyway) and he focuses his bars around his success and wealth, reminiscing on drinking kool-aid in poor Compton, where he now drinks D’USSÉ, an expensive French cognac. In addition, “Soprano C, we like to keep it on a high note!” A Soprano is a high voice and a C note is slang for $100 bill and in the video, he can be seen firing ‘C notes’ out of a cash gun, which would suggest he’s got them in abundance. These are all further examples of his intelligence and the depth of his writing. However, during the repeating chorus “lil b*tch be humble” we can’t help but think he’s calling out Big Sean AGAIN!

Now, whilst Kendrick is considered the G.O.A.T right not, Music Mattrs actually find his productions a little too confused and his bars a little too deep for straight up, on the surface listening. That’s not to say we don’t like or respect him, we hold this guy in league of his own, he truly is a lyrical genius, however, if we were going to throw on some rap, J. Cole would be our go-to. Softer, less cluttered beats and clean, relatable lyrics draws us in every time. What do you guys think?

Whatever happens in the near future, we’re buzzing for April 7th and for what Kendrick is going to bring.

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