One to Watch: Jessie Reyez

Jessie Reyez (pronounced Yessie, in keeping with her Columbian roots) is a female singer songwriter, who caught our attention towards the tail end of 2016 and we haven’t been able to switch her off since. Another production of the music capital of the world right now, Toronto, Reyez has been growing her fan base and even gained follows from the one and only Calvin Harris and Music Mattrs favourite, Chance the Rapper.

With some of the most heart-felt and passionate song writing we’ve seen for a long time, it’s completely unquestionable that Reyez puts her all into everything she does and, whilst she only has two officially released solo tracks and a few features so far, will have an extensive library of stories to tell in the near future.

Reyez writes alternative, not very PG, Pop music with a range of sounds. Figures is a very raw, driven, simple track that displays her vocal range and control. Whilst Shutter Island has a lot more on the production side of things and allows us a taste of her personal musical pallet.

Now we’re not saying they’re on the same level, but whenever this young woman opens her mouth we literally can’t not hear our beloved Amy Winehouse, the nostalgia we experience is almost tear-jerking. Her refreshing vocal, passion and “tell it how it is” mentality, is nothing short of addictive and we would love nothing more than to hear a rendition of monster-hit “Back to Black” from Reyez, as we think this would capture the hearts of so many music fans around the world.

With clips of her recent SXSW (South by South West music festival) performance popping up everywhere we looked, we thought that now was the right time to turn our friends and fans attention on to Jessie. Keep you eyes on her, we firmly believe in this girl.

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Sounds like: Lorde   Amy Winehouse

Fav track: Figures

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