Hear Here: R I T U A L

R I T U A L are a London based band who’ve been making serious movements over 2016 and are looking set to continue their growth through 2017. Having just dropped an absolute masterpiece in Drown the Lovers, Music Mattrs are bringing them to your attention before the charts do.

In keeping with their quirky name, R I T U A L use an alternative pop sound over soft hip hop/trap beats, producing a sound that is both atmospheric and passionate, whilst being guided by a strong beat. We feel that everyone can get into this vibe.

We’ve been following this sound for a few months now, through artists like Lyves, Talos and Huntar and we really feel that it could break into the charts as the latest sound. It may not top the charts, due to the current dominance of artists like Ed Sheeran and the fact we’re moving into summer soundtrack season, but we firmly believe that people will get hooked on this sound.

Check out the R I T U A L as well as the other artists mentioned in this article and let us know what you think. Like, comment, share. MM  MM Twitter MM Facebook

Sounds like: Lorde, Talos, Huntar and elements of Bon Iver and Imogen Heap

Favourite track: Drown the Lovers


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