Gig Review: The Weeknd

Last night Music Mattrs got the opportunity to see Hip Hop phenomenon The Weeknd. Real name Abel Tesfaye from Ontario, Canada, The Weeknd is known by virtually everyone by now and for all the right reasons. Frequently being compared to a modern day Michael Jackson (in terms of vocals), The Weeknd absolutely nailed it at a sold out London O2 Arena.

Entering the stage through a trap door under a massive, moving, above stage feature the crowd went wild as he dropped hard beats Party Monster and Ordinary Life. From here on out the setlist was constructed with absolute precision, covering all three albums and even his early mixtapes and features, in Wicked Games, Crew Love and Low Life. Furthermore, the use of a live band, in conjunction with some underlying backing tracks, and a perfect sound mix, made for an unforgettable experience. So unforgettable, that all the chat afterwards was surrounding the discussion “Who was better, Drake or The Weeknd?” Our answer…The Weeknd! It’s very tight as Drake was also on a level of his own, but the fact that The Weeknd dropped an arguably better vocal live, than on his records, meant he won our vote.

Tickets could be hard to come by due to his popularity, but if you can get some, DO!!!!

PS. Some say The Weeknd dropped the E because Music Mattrs did…some say that’s a lie, who knows? Hmm…

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Rating: 9.5/10


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