Ed Sheeran – Divide

By now the world knows Ed Sheeran is back and releasing his third studio album. After a year travelling with no phone or social media, the body of work he’s called Divide, in keeping with his mathematics approach to human chemistry, has finally been released. Ed teased a few tracks in Shape of You, Castle on the Hill and more recently How Would You Feel & Eraser, and sat comfortably at number 1 for the past couple of months, being only dethroned by himself.

Our initial thoughts are how poppy this record is, using more basic chord patterns and stereotypical artificial backing tracks. However, the mix of flavours in here breaks up some of the potentially irritating songs, in particular Bibia Be Ye Ye & Save Myself. The degree of emotion and romance is unmissable, it’s clear Ed found or realised the love of his life around the time of writing this album. This is one for the couples, we’re predicting concert engagements and wedding songs all over the world off the back of this record.

In case you hadn’t realised from his ginger hair and pale skin, Ed has Irish roots and has definitely tapped into his Celtic background on a few tracks. Galway Girl & Nancy Mulligan have a classic Irish feel with fiddles and singing about the Emerald Isle, unfortunately we’re not loving either. Strangely, Ed has also used a latino/hispanic meets Hawaiian island life sound on tracks Barcelona & Bibia Be Ye Ye, very unusual for him, but we absolutely love it!

Overall this is a solid album, there are some great tracks on here, there are some not so great tracks, but we do feel it’s missing some of the classic Ed traits, like some memorable riffs to drive some of the songs, similar to Thinking Out Loud & I See Fire previously, but there’s no doubt this album will break records and top the charts for a long time, unfortunately for Stormzy.

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Rating: 8/10

Favourite track: Save Myself


6 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran – Divide

    1. Hi Julian! After a week we still prefer X (multiply), but there are for sure some beaut tracks on here. In an ideal world we’d take a few tracks from each record and create one ultimate album haha! Unfortunately this isn’t an ideal world. Thanks for he comment, MM.

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      1. Oh I completely agree with you, X is still my fav haha. I love this combo album idea though, what songs would you take from each album??


      2. We like a record to be around 12 tracks, not too long and not too short! It’s such a hard decision as there are too many good tracks to choose from, but so as not to make it 20+ songs, we’ve gone for this:

        A Team
        Lego house
        Give me love
        Thinking out loud
        I see fire
        Tenerife Sea
        I’m a mess
        Save myself
        Castle on the hill
        Shape of you
        How would you feel

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      3. Hi Julian, so sorry for the super late reply, we’ve been crazy busy recently and haven’t been online. I’d love to man, I’ve requested to join the group, will post it once it’s approved. Thanks for the acknowledgement, it really means a lot to a new blog like us. MM


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