Let There Be House

Let There Be House (LTBH) is a house music podcast and Record Label that Music Mattrs have been following for around two years, rarely missing an update. With a fresh podcast dropping on Soundcloud every Friday, DJ Glen Horsborough never fails to produce 90 minutes of the latest vocal house tunes.

With the likes of MK and Jax Jones regularly finding themselves in the UK Music Charts over the last year or so, vocal house music has undeniably struck a chord with the modern consumer (you!), which is why Music Mattrs thinks it’s the ideal time for people to familiarise themselves with LTBH. If you don’t really consider yourself a ‘house head’ don’t be put off by the name, the vast majority of their tunes are definitely vocal house, similar to, and including, “I Went too Far” and “You Don’t Know Me” by MK & Jax Jones respectively, so we have no doubt you’ll find a few tunes in there to your taste.

Another thing we’ve picked up on is that LTBH is very seasonal, with more of a deep house focus during the colder, darker winter months and some of the happiest, most catchy house vibes you can imagine, in the summer, perfect for sunny road trips or chilling by the pool. So if you aren’t completely sold on their recently uploads, keep tabs on them and be sure to check out their summer posts.

LTBH have a residency at McQueen, Shoreditch, which Music Mattrs managed to attend in late 2015, it. was. sick! Make sure you get yourself down there if you like their sound. Follow, like and share the love for Let There Be House on Facebook, YouTube and Soundcloud, you will not be disappointed.

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Soundcloud: Let There Be House

Facebook: LTBH Music

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