Future – FUTURE

So it’s back to the Future after almost exactly one year since the release of EVOL, featuring smash hit Low Life w/ The Weeknd, as he has just dropped his new self titled album. After a years absence from all social media, where he wanted to “only give time to the music” we kind of expected big things from FUTURE, unfortunately it’s not really had a lasting impact on the Music Mattrs team.

There are for sure some good tunes to be taken from this album and even more so for some background hip hop, but as a whole album? Not for us. 17 tracks of the same dark beats and repetitive, auto tuned vocal makes for a very monotonous experience, this is not an album you’d listen to on repeat. When I was broke has some melody to it, as does Super Trapper, but the rest of the album becomes a bit of a blur in the continuous ad libs, sirens and hard hitting drum beats.

Music Mattrs quite like Future’s iconic sound, but this is too much even for us. We’ll definitely pick out a few individual tracks to add to various playlists, but we won’t be leaving this one ‘on our record player’ so to speak.

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Favourite track: I’m So Groovy

Rating: 6/10 (We like his sound, but not 17 times back to back)

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