Hear Here: The Night Café

The Night Café are a four part indie band from Liverpool who are contributing, in a big way, to the resurrection of the indie revolution that we saw sweep the country back in 2008/09, when the likes of The Maccabees, Foals, The Kooks or anything off The Inbetweeners series, rose to fame. Bringing the most stereotypical indie vibes, with clean instruments, raw recordings and a well balanced mix, almost as if it’s your mates EP. This friendly feel and the normality of their appearance is massive for audience engagement.

The biggest hook for us, is the movement of the guitars. Whilst the drums & bass drive the track during the verses, the use of downward strums builds the anticipation for the lead guitar to re-enter with the iconic lick that’ll become the recognisable sound of the song. Again, a classic indie song structure.

Music Mattrs lived for indie music back in the day and this music just screams house party! So maybe there’s an element of nostalgia drawing us towards this band, but there’s no denying their catchy guitar lines and relatable vocals, with British lyrics, sung in a very British way.

We were lucky enough to catch their recent intimate London gig at The Old Blue Last, Shoreditch and they absolutely smashed it. For four young lads away from home, they came across so comfortable and natural in front of a rowdy crowd. If you see that they’re playing near you, for sure check them out before they’re too big.

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Twitter: Night Cafe Band

Facebook: Night Cafe Band

Favourite track: Mixed Signals

Sounds like: The Rifles, Two Door Cinema Club, The Courteeners

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