Gig Review: BURNZ

Another full house at Camden’s Spiritual Bar made famous to our peers by the one and only Burnz and true to form, he did not disappoint. But he’s so much more than just a stunning voice. Organising off the cuff a cover of Tracey Chapman’s Fast Car to involve a member of the audience, a rendition of Happy Birthday and an encore of one of the most jaw dropping performances of Sam Cooke’s A Change Gonna Come we at Music Mattrs have ever heard. He’s an all round natural entertainer.

When we live in a world where live autotune is now widely accessible, it can be extremely difficult to figure out who actually has a gifted voice and who relies on artificial technology in order to stay in tune. However, there’s no hiding with just a simple microphone and PA speaker system. When Burnz steps up on stage and lets out the sweetest, most soulful voice, it never fails to send shivers straight through you. One word that always springs to mind when talking about Burnz is effortless. Music Mattrs have been good friends with Burnz for a long time, following his progression from roadside covers of “Face for the Radio” to a headline slot in front of hundreds of people at our beloved Deebs Day festival (Hertfordshire) and it makes us truly happy to be able to review such a talented, down to earth, hard-working individual.

However, no artist can reach their full potential without a solid set of performers behind them. The Burnz band were tight, in tune and added a crazy amount of flavour to every song, only adding to the experience that is a Burnz gig. On top of this, well thought out and constructed song writing captivated the audience and had them singing along with the upbeat “Fighting a War” and in dead silence during “I Don’t Mind”.

The number one question raised when people get talking about new music or unsigned artists is “Do you think they could make it?” There are so many great artists out there who don’t get the opportunities or just aren’t quite good enough and listening to a lot of music, we have a good idea of what it takes to ‘make it’. Unfortunately, the answer is more often than not a NO, only because it truly is that difficult to break into the music industry. However, when the artist in question is Burnz, Music Mattrs strongly believes that, with the right management and direction, he could go all the way. With an EP on its way Music Mattrs urges you to watch this space, there are great things coming to this man. Keep your eyes and ears posted on his social media pages for tour and release updates, make it a personal goal to see Burnz wherever you can in 2017.

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