There’s a Storm(zy) Coming

Earlier this week London based grime artist Stormzy released the artwork and track list for his debut album Gang Signs & Prayers, creating a massive social media hype in the build up to the album launch on 24th Feb and tour ticket sales on 9th Feb. Having dropped Big For Your Boots on 3rd Feb, Stormzy fans around the world were treated to a sneak peak of what’s in store. If the album follows suit with this track, it’s going to blow up. Typical Stormzy keeping it real with smooth flowing, English street lyrics and a deep beat, with a melodic line to accompany. I can already tell the line “you’re getting way too big for your boots, you’re never too big for the boot” is going to catch on (probably helped along by his strange pronunciation on Boots) and who knows, with the following and endorsement deals Stormzy managed to generate off a simple line like “Shut Up” maybe even Moncler & Hublot will be knocking at his door with offers after this one.

Stormzy is playing O2 Academy Brixton, London on 2nd and 3rd May. However, you’ll be able to catch him around the UK from 31st March. This tour is not to be missed, but get tickets quick, they’ll 100% sell out.

Album review to follow. #Merky

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