One to Watch – Tash Sultana

I discovered Tash Sultana around Christmas 2015, when a friend shared her YouTube Bedroom session of Jungle. Ever since I’ve been hooked on her big, mellow productions with gritty, hard guitar solo’s and a vocal style that’s both intriguing and calming. The real hook for me however, was that she creates all her productions from scratch, layering every sound on top of each other and playing in every instrument. This loop pedal technique has most recently been made famous by Ed Sheeran, who plays sell out arena shows using only his guitar, voice and a loop pedal. However, when an artist can introduce a trumpet and drum machine into the mix, it makes for a completely different listening and viewing experience.

Sultana’s sound is hard to define, but I’d describe it as alternative rock pop. With clean melodies, simple chord patterns and impressive licks, without being too overpowering and pushing into heavy rock guitar lines.

Sultana is an Australian busker who’s built her brand off a bohemian like image and an undeniable musical talent, dropping her debut EP Notion in September 2016 and coming in at #3 on Triple J Hot 100 (an Australian billboard chart). She’s currently touring around the world including England and Europe. For sure check her out, the girl shreds a mean guitar!

Tash Sultana is our one to watch for 2017.

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Favourite track: Jungle or Notion

Similar to: Matt Corby, John Butler Trio & Maverick Sabre

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